Confidentiality Disputes

Has someone violated their employment contract and disclosed your valuable information? Do you want to prevent any more disclosures and seek damages from the breaching party?

Zuppke Law is your Michigan employment law firm. Confidentiality disputes are threatening to your business. With over 34 years of aggressive employment and business related litigation, we can enforce your agreement and make the other party wish that they’d never violated their part of the bargain.

Examples of confidentiality disputes include:

  • Disclosing trade secrets
  • Stealing client contact lists
  • Releasing company affiliate information

Contract drafting and contract review services.

Confidentiality disputes arise out of contractual agreements with your employees. If you need a company contract reviewed, Zuppke Law is here to ensure that your agreements adequately protect your best interests in the event that there’s a breach. Prepare yourself before it’s too late.

Don’t let your competitor or previous employee profit from your hard work.

Contact us.

If winning is the only option, then there’s only one Michigan confidentiality dispute law firm. Zuppke Law.

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