Denied Insurance Claim

Has your so-called insurer denied your claim? Are you wondering how you’re going to get back behind the wheel of your totaled car, or how you’ll make the payments on an outrageous hospital bill?

Let’s hit your insurer where it hurts the most – their pocketbooks. Zuppke Law finds no greater satisfaction than taking money from insurance companies. If you’ve been denied a Michigan insurance claim, then let’s get you your biggest settlement.

Zuppke Law is your Michigan insurance claim denial law firm.

Why Zuppke Law? Because we have over 34 years of aggressive litigation experience that’s backed by results. We have a fierce reputation throughout the legal community as tough fighters who won’t give in when the other side tries to apply pressure. We believe that winning is the only option, and we don’t take “no” for answer.

  • Michigan no-fault
  • Disability appeals
  • Homeowners
  • Dog bites
  • Property damage
  • Health insurance

After Zuppke Law takes your case, your insurer will wish that they paid you on your original claim.

Zuppke Law is a powerful litigation law firm built upon experience and success at trial. We only take claims with the merits to succeed. This approach ensures that all of our settlements are maximized. If you’ve been bumming because your insurer doesn’t want to pay for your claim, then call a law firm that knows where to hit them where it hurts the most.

Our consultations are free and you’ll always talk to a Zuppke. Zuppke Law is located right in Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan, off of Woodward Ave. We service the entire Detroit and Metro Detroit community for all of their denied insurance claims. We want to work with you, contact us today.